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Water Environment Business
Water environment business area designs facilities such as sewage treatment plant, purification plant, and water supply and sewer system. In particular, we have specialized technical know-how through successful participation in turnkey and private investment projects for sewage treatment & waste water disposal plant, and purification plant.

Based on various design experiences in the water environment business, we strive to become a leading consulting company for designing water and sewage.
Business area
  • Design field : design water supply and related facilities (e.g. water-intake facility, water purification plant, water pipe, booster), and sewage and related facilities (e.g. sewage treatment plant, waste water disposal plant, excrement treatment plant, rainwater pump, sewage water reusing facility, runoff treatment facility, sewer pipe)
  • Competitive design : project management and design of water and sewage for turnkey / private sector investment
  • General design : basic plan for maintenance of water and sewage, feasibility study, basic design and working design